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Does the thought of being stripped down bare, left naked, exposed and vulnerable in front of a sexy, confident, and FULLY CLOTHED woman make your private parts tingle? Does that ballmeat get all hot and heavy with your seed at the thought of being made to get naked for us? Are you the type of fella who is dreaming about being laid out, trembling and bared, before a Mistress you are in the right place.

What is CFNM?

Its a fun little acronym called Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM), which I think accurately captures the gist of the fetish itself, yeah? Essentially, the appeal of CFMN revolves around the exposure and vulnerability of being fully naked and disadvantaged. The sexual tension that is created by your innate feelings of shame, desire to hide, and being at the mercy of another person, who is not likewise engaged in such exposure.


Intelligent Phone Sex Calls Mistress Becky (800) 601-6975 CFNM 2Within the BDSM world, what this truly does is capture the power dynamics, or more specifically, the power differential between said Mistress and her sweet naked subby boy. As with any rituals within the BDSM stratosphere, such as using titles, asking permission, slave contracts, etc stripping you down bare is a way to reinforce your inferior status, your powerlessness, and on the practical side, it allows for an inspection of my goods, doesn't it? I often have my subbies caged up (they lack any semblance of self-control, the poor things, always tugging and rubbing and sneaking little caresses on their starving cocks) so CFNM exposure is simply a time saving step to ensure my orders are being carried out to the letter. Plus, it allows me to enjoy any markings that I painted on MY little fuck toy with my crop on an unobscured canvas. Finally, it is particularly useful at getting rid of any vestiges of dignity or pride that may interfere with your training. Pride is, indeed, the downfall of man, yes?

CFNM & Humiliation

CFNM is particular effective for the humiliation sluts, who wayward cocks stand at attention when they are demeaned & ridiculed like the dirty manwhores they are. CFNM is widely utilized with the tiny cocked boys, as I know how fucking humiliated and ashamed they are of their unsatisfying cocks.... and if you aren't humiliated and ashamed of having a small cock, btw, you absolutely should be, lol. But also the sissy boys and girls at the very least seem to grasp that they aren't real men, right? Also cock suckers and hole stuffers love to be coerced into performing for me while stripped down and displayed like a fucking whore. But if I'm honest, we both enjoy it.

I look very much forward to seeing you, and I do mean all of you.




The Psychology of CFNM


by Ms. Jenna, one of the CFNM Mistresses here at

Let’s take a look at the psychology of CFNM. The nude body has inspired fear, awe and many other emotions that are usually both conflicted and repressed. I believe beauty is inherent in all things if you look with what Zen Buddhism refers to as Beginners Mind. It gives Me great pleasure and delight to have My submissive strip down naked for Me while he’s under My control.

I know that having him disrobe is a way to strip him of his worldly persona and, symbolically, of any residual armor he may have due to his ego. I enjoy the instant attitude adjustment usually accompanied by the barometer of arousal that he’ll shyly try to hide behind his hands. This behavior isn’t permitted.  I generally will slap his fingers with My crop and instruct him to put his hands behind his back.


Nakedness Reveals All


It’s My personal belief that CFNM has an appeal for submissives seeking that level of vulnerability with their dominant. A person’s naked body, before you, reveals all those things he tries to hide. Some people spend their entire lives wanting to be heard, or to be seen, for who they truly are.  As an individual. For others, it is their greatest fear. This search usually ends when they are in front of eyes that behold them in all their perfectly flawed beauty and unique complexity.

When I look at My nude sub, it’s as if he is transparent to Me. I see his breathing, his blushing and, of course, his level of arousal. Nothing amuses Me more than seeing My naked submissive trying to scramble internally.  To find shelter to hide from Me. Finally, all that resistance fades when he comes to the stark realization that there is nowhere to hide.  There is nothing to hold on to ……..there is only surrender in his nakedness and submission to Me.


CFNM: The Thrill of being Exposed


There is a juxtaposition of emotions. The push and pull of those feelings that are opposed to each other. These feelings later translate to the peace of sub space once he relents to My will, instead of harkening to his internal struggle. I enjoy reading his body with My hands. I can find out intuitively what he’s been hiding from Me. Where his skin gets goose bumps from My touch or how he shivers when I taunt him about his helpless erection. What would inspire someone to seek out such an experience? I believe it’s the thrill of being completely exposed to another human being.


The Tension of Unattainability


CFNM represents the sexual tension created by the  unattainability of the woman who is clothed and the utter vulnerability of the naked male. The submissive cannot hide his desire from the Mistress. She can take full advantage of his nakedness, having free reign over her property to do what She pleases with him. This loss of control and exposure is intoxicating for the nude submissive and soon he finds that he craves only this openness and transparency around his Mistress. CFNM is one of My personally favorite fetishes because I think it’s one of those foundational practices for creating a D/s dynamic that I find very enjoyable and worthwhile, to Me, when I’m training a submissive.