A CFNM Party


For those into the Clothed Female, Naked Male fetish, one of the most exciting things to do is to have a CFNM Party. CFNM Parties can take on various forms. As you might guess, the central theme in all of them is the fact that the females are fully clothed. While the males are completely naked.  Naked, exposed, and vulnerable in front of them.

If you are excited by CFNM and have never tried it, attending a CFNM party may be a good way to discover whether this fetish is really for you. Already know this fetish is for you ? Would you like to get started having your own CFNM Parties?  Here are some ideas to get you started.


CFNM Foot and Leg Worship Party


This is the perfect way for women to stay fully clothed and enjoy a little relaxation and pampering. Naked males, wearing nothing but bowties, are ready and eager to please. Depending on how many women and how many men will be attending the party, set up different stations for foot washing and exfoliation, foot and leg massages, and polishing toenails.

The ladies can then rotate from one station to the next. When they have completed the circuit, they have had their feet and legs serviced by each nude male in attendance. After all the women have completed the pampering circuit, they can snack on drinks and hors d’oeuvres, while directing the naked males in their cleanup duties.


CFNM Paddle Party


A CFNM Paddle Party is the perfect way to combine humiliation and discipline. This type of party works well when hosted by a D/s couple, where the husband is submissive. The wife will invite her dominant female friends to the party, requesting they each bring a paddle or other spanking implement with them to the party. The husband, wearing only a bowtie and a pair of skimpy thong panties, will answer the door, announcing each arrival to his Mistress.

After all the dominant women with paddles have arrived, the subby hubby will be asked to turn around, his back to the group, and answer a question about what each of the ladies is wearing. If he answers incorrectly, that woman will have the opportunity to either spank him or require that he remove his panties. Once the panties are removed, if he misses the next question, this woman has a choice. She can either choose to spank him or shove his panties in his mouth.

Continue in this fashion, demanding he perform a task. Then spank him if he does not meet your expectations in accomplishing his task. There are many variations to this theme.  But the main thing to remember is to make it a game.  The sub has no idea whether he is about to be paddled or made to do some other, possibly more humiliating, task.


CFNM Cocktail Party


A CFNM Cocktail Party is the perfect introduction in the world of CFNM parties. They are relatively soft-core and mostly revolve around the nude male serving the fully clothed females. The male submissive should be wearing nothing but a sheer apron and possibly a bowtie.

This can be turned into an elegant affair. The women may wear high necked ballgowns that go all the way to the floor, accompanied by veiled hats and formal gloves. In this situation, the ladies may enjoy pointing out that their gloves alone cover more skin that what the CFNM male servant is wearing. Of course, depending on the size of the submissive’s penis, this type of party may also be a good showcase for small penis humiliation.


CFNM Party Themes


Other common CFNM themes include puppy play, cock and ball torture, bondage, tease and denial, ruined orgasms, strapon training, coerced bi, feminization, masturbation instruction, and many more. Many times the theme of the party will depend on those involved and what they enjoy.

The themes you can use for your CFNM party are limited only by your imagination. The most important thing is to remember that it is your party.  And there is no right or wrong way to enjoy it. As long as all parties are in agreement with the scenario and limits are agreed upon and respected. The sky is the limit as to what type of CFNM Party theme to choose.


Did you enjoy this CFNM Party scenario? Give one of our CFNM Mistresses a call, today!