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Something happens to me when I am fully dressed and a sub not. CFNM, is a powerful dynamic and one I enjoy thoroughly. When I instruct a sub to disrobe, I love to watch him. Will he do so slowly and sensually or fast while nervous. I know from there what direction I need to go. He will feel my eyes upon him with every move he makes. I will see it all.

A male sub should always be naked in my presence. I will order him to hand me his clothing and then I shall put it away. Where is not important.

Why do I love him naked when I am anything but? I want the option to play "with things," at a moment's notice. And believe me I do! Moreover the idea of him being naked, while I am not, is incredibly arousing. Some days I will tease him, keeping him in a hyper-state of arousal. His cock might be hard for hours. Edging on and off, he won't know which way is up. Other days, I will lock it up and take it out of the equation making his ass my toy. Being naked helps keep him in "subspace." It keeps him vulnerable, and focused.

By being naked, a sub is always reminded of his place and that he is forever at my beck and call. And that is exactly where I want him to be. He will look at me through different eyes when he is nude. There's nothing he can hide from me, and he will find himself opening up to whatever I instruct. He will not resist me whilst in the buff. Being only too willing to wait for my commands and obey. What do I have in store for you? Come find out.





CFNM Phone Sex: The Women Stay Clothed, While the Men are Exposed

When the women leave their clothes on, they are empowered by withholding their nakedness, while the naked male is left vulnerable, exposed and at the whim of the CFNM phone sex mistress. Many men have fantasies of stripping in front of a group of women.  Exposed, inspected, stared at – this is an arousing thought to many men. However, rather than the women joining in the strip fest, they remain clothed and enjoy the spectacle of the naked male.

We are very familiar and experienced with many different CFNM fantasies, so if you’ve been wanting to try a CFNM phone sex fantasy, but haven’t found a phone sex artist who understands your fantasy, you do not need to look further. We specialize in clothed female, naked male fantasies – so we know what you need, and we’ll give it to you – as long as you Get Naked For Us, of course!

What is CFNM?

CFNM – clothed female, naked male – explore your CFNM fantasies. What is CFNM, you may ask? Well, hopefully, if you are here you know what CFNM is – and you like it.

If you’ve just happened upon our site by accident, take a look around and find out for yourself whether CFNM phone sex is right for you – we know it’s right for us. CFNM is “clothed female, naked male.” In our opinion, CFNM is about humiliation, embarrassment and exposure of the male.


In Your Fantasy, You’re Naked: But What Does the Woman Wear?

You’re naked, of course! But what is your CFNM Phone Sex Mistress wearing? What would you like her to wear? Whatever she wants, of course! YOU are the one who is stripped naked and vulnerable in her presence!

What she is wearing is of no consequence; just the fact that YOU are naked and needy is what matters! Now, quit asking questions and get naked and on your knees, boy!


Stripping In Front of a Group of Clothed Women

A common CFNM  fantasy involves a man stripping naked in front of a group of clothed women. Often, the naked man serves the women domestically, or sexually. Or, sometimes the fantasy involves male strippers with a crowded room full of clothed women cheering them on.

Always, though, at the root of the CFNM fantasy, is a naked man and a woman with clothes on!


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