CFNM and Exhibitionism


CFNM and Exhibitionism are similar and often go together but they are not exactly the same. There are some key differences between CFNM and Exhibitionism and we will take a look at those now. Those who enjoy clothed female, naked male scenarios are sometimes called exhibitionists. While at times, this may be the case, CFNM lovers are not always exhibitionists. And exhibitionists are not always CFNM lovers.


Clothed Female, Naked Male


CFNM is an acronym for “Clothed Female, Naked Male” or “Clothed Female, Nude Male” and refers to scenarios that involve a naked man in the presence of one or more fully clothed women. In CFNM situations, the male is denuded and made to perform purely for the enjoyment of the women in his presence. This differs from pure exhibitionism, where the females are typically unsuspecting prior to the male’s exposure.

The focus of an exposed and naked man in a CFNM situation is to serve and please his Mistress. While he likely derives a great deal of pleasure from the humiliation of standing before her naked, his primary desire is to obey Mistress’s every command. She may require he masturbate in front of her, perform household chores in the raw, serve lunch to her friends while naked, or any other number of tasks for her entertainment.




An exhibitionist is someone who enjoys showing their genitals in public to unsuspecting individuals. This is quite different than CFNM, where the female not only is completely aware of what is going on, but is in total control and demanding the male to strip naked. Unlike the submissive CFNM male, the exhibitionist male is usually a dominant.  His way of taking control of the situation is by exposing himself to those unaware around him.

While the exhibitionist may masturbate in front of those around him, he is doing so of his own accord.  This contrasts with CFNM, where the Mistress orders the sub to masturbate for her. It’s true that many men who enjoy CFNM are also exhibitionists. But it is important to distinguish that the two are actually two distinctly different fetishes.


Exhibitionism and Small Penis Humiliation


It is quite common for exhibitionists to exhibit either very large penises or very small penises. In the case of those with the larger penis, the men are exposing themselves hoping to hear exclamations proclaiming how large he is. Those with small penises expose themselves looking for the humiliation of having people laugh at their penises. Both have in common the fact that they are exposing  themselves hoping to get a very specific reaction.


CFNM and Exhibitionism with Public Humiliation


Many men who enjoy CFNM experiences enjoy being publicly humiliated as part of CFNM play. In these cases, the Mistress may wait until they are in a very public place before she strips him of his clothing, creating a scene for all to see. Being made to remove his clothes in such a public way further denigrates him and serves to remind him of his subservience.


In such cases, the Mistress may be compelled to laugh at how aroused he has become by being humiliated in such a public way. She may remind him what a loser he is.  And how the rest of the world deserves to see what she already knows. She may also humiliate him further by requiring he perform demeaning or embarrassing tasks while naked in public.


CFNM and Small Penis Humiliation


In much the same way the exhibitionist exposes himself, looking for the humiliation of being laughed at for his penis size, the Mistress may expose the CFNM male with a small penis to others for that same purpose. She may do this in public.  Or, she may invite friends over for a little CFNM party, expecting him to serve and entertain her friends while wearing nothing but a bowtie and his birthday suit.


CFNM and Coerced Bi


Coerced Bi is another common theme sometimes carried out during CFNM play. The act of sucking another man’s cock is humiliating enough. But to do it naked, in front of fully clothed women, is the ultimate humiliation. To further humiliate him, the Mistress may point out how small his penis is compared to those he is sucking.  And remind him of the fact that if he were a real man, he wouldn’t be naked, on his knees, with a cock in his mouth.

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