CFNM Fun at the Doctor’s Office


I have been a nurse in a doctor’s office for several years now and have a secret to share. This seemingly inconspicuous doctor’s office is really a CFNM fun playground! Let me explain…


By the Book Betty


I was fresh out of nursing school when I first started working here, wanting to do everything by the book, making sure the charts were all filled out correctly, making sure I asked the right questions and checked the right things before sending the doctor in to render a diagnosis.

In fact, I was so worried about making sure I followed all the procedures correctly, I became known around the office as “By the Book Betty.”

One day, as I was returning from lunch, I saw one of the other nurses readying a room that had just been occupied by a male patient. I had never been in the room, as it seemed only certain patients were brought into that room, but I knew it had a two-way mirror.

I just assumed the mirror was for monitoring certain types of clinical behavior and had really never given it a second thought. Until today.


Strip off those clothes and put on…. Nothing!


Something about the look in her eye, the rosiness of her cheeks, and the bounce in her step, made me step back and really take it all in. I’d never noticed before, but there was no linen cabinet in the room and no soiled laundry hamper. There was an examination table in the center of the room and  all the usual medical paraphernalia, but I also noticed a locked armoire across the room.

“Odd,” I thought. “I wonder what that would be doing in here?” As I was trying to formulate an answer to that question and others, such as why there were no clean gowns in this room, a young man who looked to be in his 20s came into the office.

He waked straight through the lobby and right into this room, unbuckling his belt as he did so. “Whoa!” I said. “Hold on a minute. Just what are you doing? We have to get you checked in and get your copay before you can see the doctor, who will let us know when she is ready for you.”

“Oh, she’s ready, alright,” he said as he continued undressing. Speechless, I walked out of the room and was going to go talk to the doctor, when I noticed she walked into the room right next to the one I had just exited. The one with the two-way mirror that allowed her to see into the room without being seen.


CFNM Fun: What is Going On?


By this time I was so curious as to what was happening, I couldn’t help myself if I had wanted to stop. I quietly turned the doorknob, opening the door until I could see both the doctor and the other nurse looking through the two way mirror window. What I saw next, shocked me!

In between the doctor and the nurse was a microphone, which the nurse was using to convey instructions to the patient. She was speaking very softly, but I swear I thought I heard her say, “Now wrap your fist around the base of your cock and stroke slowly upward…!” In my shock, I must have made a noise that caused them to look up and find me standing at the doorway, because that is just what they did. Neither one of them seemed a bit surprised or embarrassed; in fact, they invited me to come in. That was when I learned all about the Clothed Female, Naked Male fetish and just how popular it was.


Doctor’s Office or CFNM Fun Playground?


That day was several years ago, and since that time, we have increased the number of rooms with 2-way mirrors to accommodate the ever growing population of CFNM clientele. While we still perform legitimate medical services in one wing, there is an entirely separate wing that caters strictly to CFNM Fun for Clothed Female, Naked Male Fetish Clients.

This portion of the practice is now open and staffed 24/7 by CFNM Fun Nurses, who are ready and waiting to give you a very different kind of doctor’s office experience!

Did you enjoy this CFNM Fun fantasy? Give one of our CFNM Mistresses a call, today!