CFNM Extremes


You may be thinking, “CFNM Extremes… what do you mean?” CFNM, or Clothed Female, Naked Male, is a popular D/s practice, in which the man submits himself before the woman, naked and vulnerable, showing his subservience. The sole purpose of the man is to serve, amuse, and otherwise entertain the woman, doing whatever is asked of him.

In recent years, this fetish has been growing in popularity with those outside the BDSM lifestyle, a practice commonly referred to as soft-core CFNM. As this practice has grown, so has the distinction between soft-core CFNM and hard-core or extreme CFNM.


Soft-Core CFNM


Soft-Core CFNM, while still revolving around the male being naked in front of fully clothed women, tends to be more about the women enjoying his body. Watching him pose and strut.  Flexing his muscles to show off his physique. Watching him “perform” for them.  Soft-core CFNM does not typically bring dominance and submission into play. However, CFNM within the realm of BDSM is all about dominance and submission.


Practices of CFNM Extremes


In the world of D/s, anything goes, as long as it is within the terms agreed upon by the dominant and submissive. In real life D/s play, there is always a safe word to be invoked if or when the submissive has reached his limits. With this in mind, the CFNM submissive is at the mercy of his fully clothed Mistress, to be toyed with, as she wishes. His purpose is to serve her by entertaining, amusing, and ultimately pleasing her.


CFNM Extremes: Masturbation and Ruined Orgasms


It is quite common for the Mistress to require the CFNM submissive to masturbate for her while she teases and torments him.  Driven wild with lust for her,  he knows he will never get to have her. The fact that he knows he cannot have her makes him want her more, fueling his excitement. The Mistress may use that information to taunt him. Telling him how pathetic he is to want something he clearly knows he cannot have.

Depending on her mood, the Mistress may decide to ruin his orgasm, purely for her amusement. She may do this by masturbating him with her hand util the point of orgasm. Then, she’ll cover the tip of the cock with her thumb and apply pressure, giving the ejaculate no chance for release.


Strapons, Bondage, and other BDSM Play


The Mistress may be in the mood to tie up her naked male, leaving him further exposed and vulnerable. At this point, she will remind him just how naked, exposed, and vulnerable he is. She will mention all of the things she could do to him, whether she actually would do them or not. During this process, she may even blindfold him to further establish his vulnerability.

She may decide this is a good time to train him with her strapon, talking to him about how he should get used to it because he will eventually be servicing men for her Mistress friends during one of her CFNM Play parties. These parties bring together all the submissive males who are naked and exposed in front of the fully clothed Mistresses, who expect them to entertain them for the evening.

To a submissive CFNM male, this type of party is precisely what he needs. He needs  extreme humiliation. To be naked in front of a group of dominant, fully clothed women.  Moreover, to be made to suck cock.  To be a fuck toy for the other CFNM submissives, while the Mistresses orchestrate.


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