CFNM Fantasy I Was Her Play Thing

CFNM fantasy, where I was her plaything, is part fantasy and part reality. The fantasy part is where I stay and become her live-in CFNM  slave. I would have done it for this woman, this siren of the tropics. Like most fantasies, they are not well fleshed out. When I dream of staying somehow we magically have money because I imagine our life as a continuation of that weekend. A never-ending whirlwind of that weekend.  The weekend changed my life forever.

Weekend To Remember

Work was a bear, just wrapped up a huge project. I was a bit over a month from a break-up and there was no time like the present to take a deep breath and get away from it all. To have some uninterrupted alone time, and finally, start putting that other relationship behind me.

A quick flight to Florida then a high-speed ferry ride and I arrived.  I rented a small shack,  just off the beach.

It might have been a bit pricey for my budget But it was worth it.  This is where I was going to spend the next several nights. Sitting on this porch swing facing the western sky, tossing back some beers and reevaluating what I want from my life going forward.

Walk On The Beach

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CFNM fantasy

I quickly threw the few items of clothes I brought into a dresser, and took a cab to the local market, I  grabbed some supplies along with some food and drink, for the next few nights, and found myself on the beach 30 min before sunset.

There were a few others, some residents casting nets into the twilight waters, a few tourists dotting the expanse of the beach along with the walkers. Those walking near the water’s edge splashed among the waves as they lapped at the sand. I joined them and casually strolled by the sea.  30 minutes go by quickly when you are contemplating life. A few hundred yards down the beach I realize the sun’s rays were licking at the sea, my head turned yet my body moved forward as I watch the evening sunset show.

Suddenly my body abruptly stops feeling a tremendous thud against my chest, then the next millisecond I realize I’ve crashed into another human, and as she lost her footing stumbled back landing on her ass.

Atoning For The Accident

She wasn’t hurt, thank goodness for sand providing a bit softer of a landing, she apologized profusely for not paying attention to where she was going, that she was so enamored by the sunset she didn’t even see me. I smiled at her as I helped her to her feet, and told her I was at least  50% responsible because that’s exactly what I was doing! Gazing at the sun and not where I was going.

She was charming and forgiving. Her long dark hair shimmered with flecks of gold from the rays of the setting sun. With her lovely smiling eyes and sunkissed skin, all I could think of was “truly a goddess”.

I begged her to let me make it up to her, I don’t know what gave me such dumb luck because she smiled and agreed. We headed back to my shack for a drink and something to eat.  A bikini top and a long tropical sarong adorned her curves, my hungry eyes couldn’t stay off of them for long.

Just The Way She Moved

The way she smiled, and crossed those impossibly long legs had me enchanted, and throbbing.  I managed to make a tray of something to nibble on and something to drink. I brought it outside and we sat out front facing the eastern sky. We sat in the brightly colored adirondack chairs perched out front, facing the ocean.

The silence of the night enveloped the island, with only the lapping of the waves softly crashing at the shore. Our conversation was effortless and I was definitely getting welcoming vibes. What better way to move on, I thought. But before I could make my move she made hers.

 CFNM Fantasy I Was Her Plaything

CFNM fantasy I was her plaything adult erotic entertainmentI know you want me, she stared deep into my eyes, with a matter-of-fact tone and a knowing smile. My stomach dropped, heart leaped (YES!) She raised one eyebrow and I slid over closer. Her slender finger halted my forward momentum.

“Oh no American boy, that’s not how I play.”You want some of this sugar, you’ll play my way.”

I had no ego at that point, just a throbbing cock. My head spun, and I picked up her energy but what’s this confusing twist?

Dawn Of My CFNM Fantasy

For this weekend, I’m in charge. You are my plaything. Of course, I agreed. Looking back I know I didn’t understand what she meant but admittedly didn’t care if it meant the possibility of getting with her.

She ordered me to shower but first to strip in front of her. I’m sure I looked awkward because without the small comfort of a pair of tight briefs, she was about to see me naked and there will be no hiding of my boner. As I stalled fiddling with my shirt, her fingers danced over her phone and the beat was unmistakably stripper music. Dance for me, she commanded strip and dance for me!

I took a deep breath and while my cock screamed just fucking do it! After a beat or two, I was swinging my hips, fingers tugging seductively (I had hopped) at my clothes until I was butt naked and fully exposed and felt the heat rush through my body exploding all over my face. She had the upper hand, and she knew it.

Controlling My Cock And My Mind

The night rolled forward, and after my shower she had me bathe her. She extolled the benefits of being an attentive lover. You’ve heard the old adage, whatever you give a woman, she multiplies it. You provide your attention, your deference, and your obedience, and I will multiply your pleasure.

My hazed brain whole heartily agreed, I swam in my arousal. Not pushing forward not trying an angle to get to the good stuff (sex) sooner rather than later.  Toweling her off, we spent the next hour with her teaching me how to properly worship every inch of her. At times I had my hand drift down to my dick, subconsciously giving him some stimulation and it was met with a sharp rebuke. I learned not to touch, but my balls ached and my cock, screamed for more.

Buzzing with sexual energy I silently gave myself to her, it didn’t matter what was in store for me, I haven’t felt this alive, this purposeful this out of my mind aroused in a long time, if ever.

Stroking Edging And Ruined Orgasm

She knew my cock and my body more than I did. She taught me how to really edge my cock. hard. I quickly learned stroking techniques I never knew.  But the biggest mind fuck of them all was a ruined orgasm.

It was after numerous edges, her exacting her own orgasms off of my body, my lips, fingers, and even the tip of my cock on her clit, all were used to please her. Each time telling me, no no don’t you cum, you’ll ruin our fun! Sometimes she was sterner, chastising me with great fervor. It drove me wild.

Just before 3 am, out at the water’s edge, the almost full moon illuminating the beach, laying out on large towels, she stroked my cock to the twentieth or was it the sixtieth edge, she squeezed my balls and her beautiful face looking into my eyes, cum  my pet, cum for me. Two strokes later with all of me vibrating, my cock throbbed, I grunted she let go! My body contracted in astonishment. My chest rose, and my knees tried to pull up but were held firmly in place by her hand squeezing my balls and keeping me firmly in place. I cried out in shock, and I screamed in frustration. Although one thick rope of cum shot out weakly, the spurts quickly subsided to a lava flow meekly flowing down my cock, as it twitched and jumped freely. I felt little satisfaction, other than the relief of my full balls.

I was spent and we fell asleep, only to wake a couple of hours later from a morning bird, ringing in the first rays of the sun. She wrapped her naked self in the large towel and giggled as she saw me fast walk, up the beach hand cupped over myself as the first beach walkers were making their way.

The Next Few Days

Were filled with food, fun, music, and more of the same. For 24 hours after that ruined orgasm, when my body screamed for more, I was hornier than even before the ruined orgasm. It all feels like a dream now. The ebb and flow of the day. Cooking for her in the nude, other than one trip to the market where she only let me wear a pair of very short very revealing linen shorts, she brought back from her place. She delighted in teasing me, rubbing against me, making me erect, and abandoning me where I sat or stood.

My CFNM Fantasy

In the end, I decided to return to my life and my career. At the time, I thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Something to remember, to remember my CFNM fantasy as if I had stayed. Perhaps even share with best friends, when in old age we take turns regaling our youth.

But three months in, I couldn’t stand the ever-increasing tug, to return to her, to banish any CFNM fantasy and live the life she teased.  I looked for her to no avail.

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