CFNM: Get Naked for Us


Do you enjoy being naked in the presence of a fully clothed female? Do you get turned on at the thought of masturbating on cam for your phone sex Mistress while she watches? If so, you probably have a CFNM Fetish. CFNM stands for Clothed Female, Naked Male and describes situations in which the male serves and entertains the female while he is naked, yet she remains fully clothed.


CFNM and Guided Masturbation on Cam


There is something incredibly erotic about being nude in front of a camera and listening to a sexy Mistress on the other end of the line telling you exactly how she wants you to perform for her. Exposing yourself before her, completely naked, you can’t help but feel a secret thrill.  You know she’s watching your every move, and checking to see that you do exactly as you are told. What will she tell you to do? What will she want to see? These questions and others are running through your head as you anxiously check the webcam to make sure it is operating correctly and pick up the phone to call.

You start your cam as she picks up the phone. “Good,” she says. “You’re wearing those pretty pink panties, just like I instructed you to do. Judging by the wet spot on the front, you’ve completed your pre-call orgasm edging assignment, as well.” It’s so strange, hearing her voice in your ear but not being able to see her. You almost forgot, until the flashing red light reminds you, that she is watching you, even though you can’t see her.


CFNM and Femdom Worship on Cam


Being naked on cam for your Mistress is the perfect opportunity to show her how much you worship and adore her. While you are carrying out her stroking instructions, she may ask you to get down on your knees, close your eyes, and imagine her standing in front of you. Her long, lean legs drive you wild with desire. Then, she may order you to tell her how much you love worshiping her legs. Furthermore, your Mistress may tell you to come up with a sentiment describing her legs and the effect they have on you. She may talk all about how she expects you to worship her.  And then ask you to describe in great detail exactly how you would do just that!


Get Naked for Us: CFNM and Humiliation on Cam


No CFNM discussion would be complete without mention of humiliation. Being naked in front of the webcam with no real sense of who is on the other end watching, other than the sexy voice purring in your ear, is both humiliating and exhilarating at the same time. The more she asks you to stroke for her, to masturbate a certain way just for her, the more humiliated and excited you become. At some point during the course of the call, she mentions how much she would enjoy seeing you do something *really* humiliating, like eating your cum on cam for her. Now there’s something you may not have expected!

She may have you throw your legs up over your head and aim your cock toward your face, as best as you can. Your Mistress will enjoy watching you stroke furiously with your mouth open, tongue out like a kid catching snowflakes, just waiting for those cum droplets to collect there.

She may not have you assume “the position” at all. Instead, she may have you grab that dildo you snatched from your wife. You know, the one you were sucking on before you called and went on cam for her.  The one you didn’t think she new about. She may have you cum on the dildo and immediately stick it in your mouth and start sucking. That is before you lose the urge to clean up your mess by eating your cum.

Eating your cum is just one method of humiliating yourself on cam while naked in her presence. Eating your cum on cam while she watches is certainly a turn on.  But so are sucking dildos and coerced bi. There are all sorts of things your Mistress can have you do while on your CFNM Get Naked for Us call.


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