CFNM Guided Masturbation Fun


I had been a part of a very exclusive CFNM fetish club. We often would play various games with the group, often betting on various things. This week’s challenge was to seduce a man that you saw often, but never really had gotten to know; Of course, picture proof was necessary. We also had a website where we would post the pictures of our prime caught game. In most of the photographs, we were kind enough to blur out the faces, but for really naughty men, they were left completely exposed.


My newest neighbor was a very attractive male, and I had been eying him from my window for quite some time. I even engaged in a secret game of tease and denial, often timing it such that I would be out getting the mail or paper in a slightly revealing nightie, just as he would be leaving for work. I only gave a friendly smile and wave, as if it would be completely normal to be out in such a sheer gown with no robe; I also noticed the look in his eyes and the slight pause before rushing off. I couldn’t help but be a naughty cock tease of a neighbor and to be honest, he was already proving to be much too easy.


The Cock Tease Begins


This particular day I had decided would be perfect to spring my trap! I caught him coming back from shopping, wearing a pair of jogging pants, t-shirt and hoodie. I watched as he laid his keys on the top of his car, grabbing his bags out and I came out with a cheery hello, still in a sheer night gown that was sure to show off my shapely figure. He started patting himself down as if looking for something then stated he couldn’t find his keys, so I took the bait and invited him in while he was looking for his “misplaced” keys.


I offered him a glass of wine while and he readily accepted my offer, not knowing that he was walking right into a little CFNM guided masturbation game with his sexy next-door neighbor. He pulled off his hoodie looking all through the pockets and such saying, “I figured we would meet one day, but I’d have rather it have not been through my own stupidity.” We both laughed. I looked at him, held up my glass of wine, and retorted with, “It was bound to happen. Cheers,” and we clicked our glasses together in a mutual victory.


He had gone all through the bag and his hoodie at this point, so I suggested that perhaps they were caught in his t-shirt, so he pulled it off, and, of course, found nothing. I causally replied saying that I bet they were not far away. At this point, I could tell he was getting excited already by undressing for the femdom goddess before him. I told him that perhaps they had gotten caught in his pants and he quickly began to pull them down and just as he stood up before me completely naked, I snapped a picture on my phone.


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