CFNM: Naked Games


Naked games can be so much fun! Clothed Female, Naked Male parties have always been popular among the BDSM set. Now they are becoming popular with the general population. Recently, there has been a surge of CFNM bachelorette parties. Truthfully, this isn’t much different than the typical bachelorette party with male strippers.  Except that these men start out nude.  Their sole purpose is catering to the fully clothed women.  Aside from bachelorette parties, CFNM parties can be a lot of fun as “girls night out” entertainment. Below are some games to make your next CFNM party silly, fun, entertaining, and exciting.


Naked Games: Ring Toss


The ring toss game is just like it sounds. Tossing rings onto a peg to see who can land the most rings on the peg.  The difference here is that  the women are tossing the rings onto the fully erect cocks of the nude males in attendance.

Prior to playing the game, the women will have an opportunity to “shop for their cock.” This process may involve actually measuring the naked men’s cocks. Checking to see how many rings will fit on them. And possibly even comparing one cock to another.

After the fully clothed ladies have had ample time for cock shopping, they draw numbers to determine the cock selection order. Once the cocks have been selected, the ladies will pick up their rings and wait for the signal to begin tossing. The first woman to land all the rings on her cock wins the prize.



Naked Games: Giddyup Horsey


For Giddyup Horsey, the nude men will line up and drop to their hands and knees, waiting to be inspected by their potential owners. During this process, the fully clothed females will inspect the naked males, much as they would inspect a horse, if they were buying one.  They pull back their lips to check their teeth. Smack their asses to gauge their reaction time, etc. In addition, they will inspect their cocks to ensure they are adequate for their tastes.

After the ladies have selected their steed, they fit them with collars and leashes which will serve as their bridles. Finally, the ladies will then climb on the backs of their nude males and ride them around the makeshift track.

Likewise, this could be turned into a horse show, where the women parade their naked male in front of a panel of judges. To make it even more exciting, the game could be turned into horse races, allowing wagers on who may win.


Ruined Orgasm Roulette


Ruined Orgasm Roulette is a fun little game. The naked male is ordered to bring himself to the very edge of orgasm and hold it. The women line up in front of the edging, naked male to tease, torment, and watch him work very hard to keep his orgasm from erupting.

Each time that he reaches the next woman in line, he must add an additional pump after he gets to the point of no return. As soon as the pumps are completed, the hand is removed.  Them its time to edge for the next woman in line. It’s a pretty good bet that by the time the edging male gets to the end of the line, he will end up with an unfulfilling, unsatisfying, ruined orgasm.



Truth or Paddle


Truth or paddle is a nice little spin on the truth or dare game. The clothed female will ask the naked male to decide, “Truth or Paddle.” If the naked man chooses truth, the clothed female may ask any question of the nude male and expect to get an honest answer.

If the man chooses paddle, the woman will roll the dice to determine how many spanks the naked male shall receive.


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