CFNM Striptease


by Ms. Sophia of

Guess what, guys. I’m having a party soon. A bachelorette party, to be precise, and it will be a CFNM striptease.

One of my fellow Femdom friends is getting married soon to one of her cuckold bulls, and I know that it’d be the very height of thoughtlessness not to let her have her one last hurrah with me and all of our mutual Mistress friends. And since I’m the one among us who has the best party-organization skills, I’ve taken it upon myself to plan it. I’d never let something so important pass by without a celebration, after all.

Because this friend is a Femdom (along with me and all our other guests, too), I’m not going to go the usual route of hiring a male stripper. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there will definitely be a man doing a striptease, but he won’t be a professional. Instead, he’ll be one of my CFNM subs, doing a CFNM Striptease.


Bachelorette Party Entertainment


I expect that the tone will be VERY different than the usual tone of a bachelorette party with a naked man involved!

It’ll start out similarly, I’m sure. There will be an attractive man (because almost all my subs are, after all) getting naked for us. He’ll have music and dances all prepared, and he might even straight-up pole dance! That’d be amusing, for sure. If I think my friends would enjoy it, I’ll also give him instructions to give lap dances to anyone who wants one.

But eventually, the events would take a turn. We might laugh and clap and cheer for him as he gets naked and does a CFNM striptease for us, but it wouldn’t be at all like it would be with a paid professional. The CFNM sub, instead, would be equal parts humiliated and turned on by the attention. And as we see what our reactions do to him, we’ll just lay it on thicker and harder to see what he’ll do!

We’re going to have a great time humiliating the sub in question and having him do all sorts of things for the amusement of the women in the room.

So why am I telling you guys this? Well…since you asked so nicely….


CFNM Striptease: Party Entertainment


You see, I haven’t actually decided which one of my subs I’m going to use for this clothed female, naked male stripper/Femdom bachelorette party. I have several to choose from, and I’m always accepting more applications from qualified subs. So basically, I’m passing this along so that you, too, can apply for the position if you hurry.

You may have experienced CFNM humiliation before, but I can almost guarantee you that you’ve never experienced it like this. If you think simply standing naked in a room with a clothed woman (or several clothed women) is crazy, just imagine what it’ll be like when you’re doing more than standing. Imagine performing completely in the nude while they all giggle and call out instructions. Think of how humiliating and arousing that will be.

And if that’s the kind of thing that gets you going, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t at least audition for a CFNM Striptease !