Discreet Public CFNM

by Mistress Daphne of www.getnakedforus.com


Holy fuck! You love to get naked in front of strong women, right? And you want to know how to do public CFNM, but in a discreet way? I’ve got you covered… so to speak.

Oh, not sure what CFNM is? Clothed Female and Naked Male. Now we all know!


Why Public CFNM?


Yeah, you like to get naked in front of anyone as long as it is in public? Probably mostly women, is that right?

Where did this proclivity come from? Who did you get naked in front of growing up? Who saw you and it turned you on? Was it in gym class when you had to walk to the showers and your dick got hard and people pointed it out? Was it at the gym when you were done with your workout and, once again, headed to the showers? Perhaps it was during swim team and your skinny Speedo didn’t hide that hardon you had and you imagined what it would be like to skinny dip.

Wherever the hunger for public nudity started, here you are today, aching to repeat the performance (and a performance, it is!) to get the kicks you had earlier in your life.


Enjoying Discreet Public CFNM


So how does one go about baring one’s ass… and genitals… in public without getting arrested. There are a few ways.

First, it is imperative that I share how to enjoy the experience and not end up getting strip searched in jail for public nudity or flashing. Undressing in front of a cop is neither fun nor sexy. Been there, done that.

Making sure you are in a safe place is crucial. Preferably on your own property. it’s a much better argument to say, “I was on my own property,” than “I happened to lose my clothes at the ice cream parlor.”

There is always the importance of considering who is around you, too. There might be people younger than you that would be shocked by what they see. It’s also not cool to foist your CFNM kink or CFNM fetish onto someone without their permission, so it is a fine line between your desire and their observation. If at all possible, try to make the exposure in a space where there are adults. Nighttime is a typical perfect time for getting naked discreetly and experiencing that CFNM you love so much.


Where, Oh Where, Can I Experience Discreet Public CFNM?


Your Own Backyard: Whether you are “suntanning” or cleaning the pool or mowing the lawn, you can do any of those totally nude. It’s good to have a high fence and neighbors with balconies… and they might complain… but hey, you did the deed by being naked and being seen!

Your Garage: I know many guys who are naked in their garages and oops! the garage door accidentally opens on a busy Friday night! “I was just grabbing a beer! I don’t know how the garage door opened!”

Moving Around in Front of Windows: This is the easiest one to do while you are naked and the one that should get you into the least amount of trouble if anyone complains. You are in your own house and are allowed to be naked in there. Of course, standing in front of the window and jacking off isn’t advisable, but wandering by the window over and over again? That would be fun, right?

In Your Car: This is a tricky one, but one a lot of people do. Use your judgment about whether you do this or not! Being nude in public, especially having a Dominant woman watching you, can be the ultimate turn on for an exhibitionist. CFNM at its finest. Some people drive naked with a towel over their laps and at the opportune moment, will swipe it off to flash whomever is walking or driving by. One that is a bigger risk, but that plenty of people do, is sit in a parking lot and when an adult woman walks by, show their stuff by pulling off the towel. While this one is fun, it also has the most risk, so be careful!


Let Me Know Your Secrets!


Tell me where you exhibit discreet Public CFNM activities. I am sure I’m not the only one that wants to know.