Naked and Exposed for Your Mistress


Have you ever been naked and exposed, either in public or on cam, for your phone sex Mistress? I have done both, many times. I am a CFNM slave and a humiliation slut, who craves being exposed for the pathetic, loser pervert that I am. My phone sex Mistress is all too happy to oblige. “After all,” she says, “it’s easy to point out the obvious!”


Symbolically Exposing Yourself


As I mentioned, I have publicly humiliated myself by being naked and exposed and vulnerable and I often humiliate myself by going on cam for my Mistress; but there is something that she had me do lately, that excites me more than anything she’s ever had me do before. “What is it?” you ask. She’s been having me watch myself in the mirror while following her commands.

As much as I keep begging her to watch me on cam, she keeps telling me it’s not what I need right now; I need to see myself exactly as she sees me, and look at myself through her eyes. The first time she told me this, I knew I’d go along with it, of course. But I thought it was a crazy idea. My excitement comes from her seeing me in my naked, vulnerable state, not from me watching myself! But you know what? She was right! It was exactly what I needed!


Naked and Exposed: Viewing Yourself through Her Eyes


Instead of going on cam, she would order me to do things and I had to do them, but in front of the mirror. She ordered me naked and on my knees, looking up at her just as if she was standing before me. She had me put a pair of women’s shoes in front of me.  Then my Mistress ordered me to bend over and start cleaning them with my tongue, while maintaining eye contact with the mirror. I did just as she ordered.  I felt my cock grow even harder when I saw just how pathetic I looked.

Next, she had me suction my dildo to the mirror, right at the level it would be if she were wearing a strapon, and lick and suck it while looking up at her. She wanted me to worship that cock, to tell her how beautiful she was and how powerful she was, and how her strapon is more than twice the size of my pathetic little penis.

My Mistress told me to be sure to make slurping noises and moan to show her how much I appreciate her.   Even allowing me to be in her presence, much less perform such a demeaning task, was an privilege.


Masturbating While Naked and Exposed


Finally, she had me masturbate while still on my knees in front of the mirror, the shoes in front of me, the dildo in my hand. She told me to hold it next to my cock and tell her why I thought I had a right to even call my penis a cock, after seeing what a real cock is. Then she ordered me to put the dildo down and concentrate on masturbating, while apologizing for my shortcomings.

I apologized for having a tiny little dick and the fact that I was a loser. I apologized for always begging to serve such a beautiful Goddess when, really, I didn’t deserve the opportunity. Then I thanked her for taking pity on me and for humiliating me and putting me in my place, right before I exploded in orgasm and came on the shoes, just as she ordered me to do. As instructed, I immediately leaned over and eagerly licked every last drop of cum off those shoes while watching myself in the mirror.

Knowing what I must look like to her and actually seeing what I look like to her are two different things. The confirmation of just how pathetic I am and how desperate I am to please, at any expense, was an even more powerful form of erotic humiliation than I had ever thought possible.


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