Naked and Exposed on Cam


Do you enjoy the CFNM Fetish? Have you ever been naked and exposed on cam, naked and vulnerable, while your Mistress instructs you and watches you?

If you are into the Clothed Female, Naked Male fetish and have not gone naked and exposed on cam for a Mistress, then you are missing an incredible experience!


Naked and Exposed on Cam: She Can See Me but I Can’t See Her


I get very aroused when I am naked in the presence of a fully clothed woman. The humiliation of her seeing me in all my glory (or lack thereof), while she remains fully clothed, is powerfully erotic for me. The first time I considered going naked on cam for my Mistress to watch, I wondered if I would experience the same feeling.  After all, I wasn’t able to see her standing before me. I decided I would give it a try. Just to see if it had the same effect on me.

Did this bother me? Did I need to see her for it to be as powerful  an experience as if she were in person? Absolutely not! In fact, I found this new development to be even more humiliating.  It was even more powerful than if she was in person. I knew she was watching, because she commented on my actions and gave me more orders. I knew she was watching, because I could hear her laughing at me and telling me what a pathetic little humiliation slut I am.

Already aroused, I set up the cam, called my Mistress, and invited her to view me naked and exposed on cam. As soon as it came on, I could see the little red light flashing on the computer, indicating that she could see me. Instantly, my mouth went dry and a surge of heat rushed to my groin. She could see me, naked and exposed on cam, and every move I made.  But I couldn’t see her. I could hear her sexy voice commanding me to perform, but I couldn’t see her.


Being Naked and Exposed on Cam Increased My Excitement



I discovered something new that day. I discovered that being naked and exposed on cam, knowing a beautiful woman is watching me but not being able to see her, is even more exciting than me being physically in her presence. There is an added layer of humiliation. Like she’s watching me through one of those windows that looks like a mirror on my side but is really a window on her side, allowing her to view every move I make.

Hearing her voice command me, but not being able to see where it is coming from, adds so much to my excitement.  Admittedly, the first time I went on cam for her, I came far too soon! She taunted me about it, of course.  Punished me for not being able to last long enough for her to be thoroughly amused. I was ordered to go on cam for her every day for a week.  But after that incident, the stipulation was that she was going to tease me mercilessly and keep me on edge, but not allow me orgasm for at least a week, maybe longer!

That first incredible experience was months ago, and I am still going on cam, exposing myself for my Mistress. It is still just as much of a thrill today as it was the very first time! She finds ways to keep it new and interesting for her while at the same time being more humiliating for me. I absolutely love being naked, vulnerable, and exposed on cam for my Mistress’s enjoyment. If CFNM humiliation is what you crave, then you need to prepare yourself to be naked and exposed on cam. You’ll be glad you did!

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