Naked. Exposed. Embarrassed. Excited!


Until recently, I had no idea how incredibly exciting it is to be naked, exposed, and vulnerable in front of a woman. To be completely at her mercy. It happened quite by accident. But now, being naked and embarrassed in front of her, again, is all I can think about.


Naked Surprise


My girlfriend had plans to go shopping with a friend, which was fine by me since I had planned on watching the playoff game, anyway. After she left, I checked my watch to find I had a couple of hours before the game was to start. I puttered around the house a bit before eventually settling in to surf the net. I have always enjoyed the wide variety of porn available on the internet and thought of it a bit like my very own pornographic smorgasbord. Today’s “Porn du Jour” was Clothed Female, Naked Male scenes.

I’d watched CFNM porn and read erotic stories revolving around CFNM before, but it had never excited me quite like it did today. I can’t explain what was different or why, only that I was rock hard and dripping with precum, and I hadn’t even touched my dick yet! Imagining myself naked before those gorgeous, fully clothed women while they tease and taunt me was almost enough to make me explode the minute I grabbed my cock.

A couple of pumps was all it took before what seemed like gallons of thick white cum sprayed all over my stomach and chest! It was then that I heard it. Giggling. More than one person giggling. I looked up to see my girlfriend and her friend standing in the doorway, staring at me. Judging by the looks on their faces, it was pretty clear they had been standing there a while!


Naked and Exposed: Accidental CFNM Scene


OMG, being naked and exposed, the very thing I was so turned on about was happening! It was really happening! Here I was naked, exposed, and embarrassed to have my cum still splattered on my stomach and chest, knowing they’d just watched a good portion of what I’d been doing.  And yet there was something else. Excitement!

I was getting hard all over again! This fact did not escape my girlfriend, who ordered me to crawl over to them. This was a new development! She had never been even remotely dominant before now.  And yet, here she was bellowing out orders with the authority of a Mistress who had been doing just that for years.

Still high on post-orgasm endorphins, I jumped up from my chair, got down on my hands and knees and began slowly crawling across the room. They were just feet away from me, but it felt like miles.  I slowly and deliberately worked my way over to them. With each advance, my heart beat faster and my cock grew harder.

I was in an erotic frenzy by the time I reached them, kneeling at their feet, completely naked, vulnerable, humiliated, and oh-so-excited! I looked up to see them staring down at me expectantly. What were they expecting? What did they want me to do? Suddenly, I wanted nothing more in the world than to be naked and exposed to please these two beautiful women! Whatever they wanted me to do, I knew that I would do it. Anything.


Naked, Exposed, Blindfolded, Gagged, Vulnerable, and Left Wanting


It was then that I realized my girlfriend was speaking. She was telling me to kiss her feet and lick her boots clean. I had never done anything like this before.  Truth be told, until today, the thought of cleaning the dirt off her boots would have made me cringe. Today, I eagerly and obediently did just as I was told, apparently pleasing her, because she told me to stand up. As soon as I was up, her friend grabbed my cock and led me to a spot in the center of the room, where she took off her scarf and tied it over my eyes before shoving me down on my knees.

I started to ask what was happening, but she shoved something in my mouth before I could speak. Her panties! She’d taken off her panties and shoved them in my mouth! The still warm panties filled my mouth as her scent filled my senses. My cock was throbbing so hard I thought it might explode, yet instinctively, I know to not even try touching it. Not without being told!

“Look at him,” she said to my girlfriend. “Look how excited he is to be naked before us, anticipating what we may expect of him next. It always amazes me how easily men are controlled by their dicks; how vulnerable they are to our charms. Pathetic, weak creatures. That’s what they are.”

She turned to me, wrapped her hand around my dick, and tugged me upright. Without a word, she removed the scarf and the panties, shoving them in her pocket, then turned to my girlfriend with renewed excitement and said, “Go ahead and grab the return items we came back here to get, and let’s go shopping!” Without another word, they both walked out the door and were gone. I have thought about little else other than being naked and exposed, ever since!


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