Serving Naked


I am a male submissive who enjoys serving women. I love serving naked and pleasing them and entertaining them any way I can. It is an incredible turn on for me to be stripped naked in front of a beautiful, fully clothed woman.  Then to be made to do her bidding.

As I kneel before her, naked, I drink in her beauty: her pretty feet, showcased beautifully in stiletto pumps, her long shapely legs covered only by the sheer nylon of the stockings, her skirt and blouse clinging snugly to her body in just the right places. I am struck by the fact that even dressed in her provocative best, she is wearing far more than this little strip of fabric wrapped tightly around my neck.  Right now, it feels more like a collar than a bowtie.


CFNM from the Male Perspective


I am often asked by those outside the lifestyle, who know I am a Clothed Female, Naked Male submissive, just what I get from the experience. This is a tough question to answer. Because there are so many facets to being submissive, aside from the CFNM aspect, it is sometimes difficult to articulate the experience.

Being submissive means so many things to different people, as does being a CFNM slave. I will do my best to explain it here, though.


Serving Naked: CFNM and Adoration


For me, being submissive is about my belief that women are to be worshipped and adored, that they are superior in thought and beauty. It is about humbling myself before them: completely naked, vulnerable, and exposed, ready and eager to please.

Shedding my clothes is like baring my soul to her, letting her see my imperfections for all that they are; and my desire to correct them by pleasing her any way she wishes. It is humbleness and humility being nude, baring all, in front of a superior Goddess.

As her CFNM slave, I am expected to serve her in any way she desires, whether that be worshipping her feet and legs, masturbating for her, or sucking cock for her.  My desire is to please her no matter what is requested of me. Whether it be kissing and worshipping her feet, cleaning her house, serving her friends, or any number of tasks she may assign, I am there for her.


CFNM as Entertainment


Clothed Female, Naked Male play can also take the form of sheer entertainment. In this form, the sole purpose of the male is to entertain the female with his body.

The male enjoys dancing for and masturbating in front of the ladies, showcasing his body, strictly for their enjoyment.


CFNM and Humiliation


Humiliation is an underlying theme in CFNM. Even for those, like me, who believe in female superiority, there is an element of humiliation involved. The fact that the male is naked, while she remains fully clothed, is humiliating by itself. Some men, though, crave further humiliation, and even degradation. These men enjoy being laughed at, made fun of, and being punished for their shortcomings.

Many men enjoy the degradation aspect of CFNM and I will try to explain it.  For me, it is more about my deference to her superiority than my desire to be degraded. These men enjoy things like being led around on a leash, being human furniture, public humiliation, and verbal abuse.


Serving Naked Means Many Things


While everyone can pretty much agree that being male and naked in front of a fully clothed woman would qualify as CFNM, few can agree on exactly what it means to serve naked. My idea of serving may not be your idea of serving. And your idea may not be the same as someone else’s.

Just exactly what serving naked involves should be defined by those in the CFNM relationship. As long as both the clothed Female and the Nude Male agree on a definition of exactly what it means to serve, how he is expected to serve, and what his limits are, that is all they need to begin enjoying CFNM play.