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You are invited to Princess Britany's party for jack off naked boys who entertain spoiled little hotties that need amusement. Maybe you are one of my little nerds that do my homework, clean my bungalow, or dress up for me in silly sissy garb. Here is your night to shine. Prove to Princess that you are loyal, worthy, and willing to be humiliated and put through the ringer! First you must be willing to strip and sip, jerk and work, spread and give head, and blast and last!

You are the pin the tail on the dum dum and the fucktard stroker with the dunce hat. You may be ordered to do a waltz with a blowup doll while being photographed and archived. Do you like these little plans that Princess has to offer? Maybe I'll give you an easy first night of just serving appetizers and drinks while wearing a pretty little apron with your stiffie begging for strokes. Mostly that stiffie gets ignored but every now and then you may get lucky with a perfect pedicured princess hand teasing that stiffie.

Got a little cock? OMG, all the better. Did you say you liked cuckold cfnm humiliation? You're definitely on the right page!