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I confess: under this elegant business suit ... Under the luxurious lingerie ... under My silky, scented skin ... Beats a wicked heart. Yes, it is true. I have a wicked streak. I am as naughty as I am nice.

When my girlfriends and I get together we love to have a very special type of party favor ... and the flavor of the day is, YOU. *grinz* We will surround you ... Overpower you ... Take you ... own you ... We will strip you naked in front of us ... And then ... you know what we say, don't you?

"Oh look, he's embarrassed" ... "Hmmm, he looks a little ... anxious ..."

It's painfully obvious you're uncomfortable but your vulnerability is what is exciting to US. We love to watch you blush that deep red and then turn even redder while we laugh at your discomfort.

You are in OUR WORLD now ... where we get to use ... And abuse you. We call the shots. We wear the clothes. You ... ? You will be our object of pleasure ... For us ... for our amusement and our satisfaction.