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Baby take off your clothes.........real can leave your hat on.

Remember 91/2 weeks? My sisters and I turn the tables here. We want you to dance for us. Yes. We command you, at this special little party, to get your vulnerable naked body in the kitchen. Make us some drinks. Make some canapes. If we sneak up behind you , squeeze your ass, dick , or balls, get the video rolling, don't complain. You're getting plenty of attention, and you are the object that we want to use for our pleasure.

Oh, I know. It's a bit humiliating. Being a lone, naked man in a room full of intoxicated fully clad women can be a little intimidating. Your embarrassment enhanced with a curtain wide open, bright lights betraying your nakedness as you awkwardly prance around, your nakedness on exhibit.

Just be happy that we don't take you into the courtyard collared and leashed.......hmmmmm....that may be interesting.