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Like my outfit. I'm dressed to the tee in Goddess gear. From my head to my toe, my ensemble, my accessories, my shoes, my hair, my makeup. Not a detail has been forgotten, not a thing is out of place. Of course, I haven't allowed you that same courtesy. I find your birthday suit quite amusing. I want you in it always.

In fact, I require it when you are in my presence.

I enjoy sitting in my place of comfort watching you squirm as you stand naked and alone in the middle of the room. Yes. Naked is a requirement for you. How else would I assess you and decide which part of your body I want to tease or torture first.

Move your hands. Don't try to hide that cock. I know it's shriveled here in the cold of the room. It's not as if I was expecting anything spectacular from the likes of you. You were chosen, partially, for comic relief, anyway. Now get over this shyness before my girls arrive. You're the entertainment tonight and we expect quite a show when you get naked for us.