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I love the Fem Dom lifestyle and one of My favorite things to do is to make you feel vulnerable and open to Me. Why? Well as a Mistress I think its important to put you in your place and that station is to serve Me in any way My whim dictates. I will love having you completely naked in My presence when I am dressed in a very hot skirt, heels and top. I think this establishes who is wearing the panties, doesn't it ;)? Not only that, but also having your naked skin exposed and open to Me makes it more easily accessible. Could you imagine being the entertainment at a party with My girlfriends? I would also delight in arousing you for everyone to see, while you wait on My guests. Maybe while you are humiliated and excited I could use you as My napkin holder *giggle*? Lets just hope you have enough there to keep that napkin in its place.

Your submission is not only in your demeanor, but also your nudity. I will enjoy giving you the playful spank on the bare ass, while you hurriedly obey My commands. I bet right about now those clothes feel heavy on your body, don't they? I know there is a deep part of you longing to be that open, vulnerable and exposed to Me, isn't there? So why don't you peel off those encumbering clothes and give Me call? I'm sure I can come up with a number of ways you can amuse Me.