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Does being naked in front of a beautiful Mistress turn you on? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be naked in front of a high maintenance princess who gets everything she wants? Well get ready to strip down because I have always been a little cock tease who gets my way without exception. I'm used to being spoiled with expensive presents and special favors and I expect them. If it means getting you naked so I can lead you on, wearing expensive clothing that you (or some other submissive loser) purchased for me, I know you won't mind. In fact you'll like it more when I demand instead of politely ask for what I want {see my wish list}. I'm very aware that there's something about a bitchy princess that makes you hard as a rock. Now strip down for me so I can see it in person!


You love being used and wrapped around my little finger, dropping everything (including your pants) when I call because you love being controlled, teased and tormented by me. Taking care of my every need mesmerizes you especially when you're butt naked! Your guy friends tell you that your pw'd--if only they knew the half of it--and you're NOT even my boyfriend! As much as you love the way I make you fantasize about being with a woman like me, in the back of your mind you know that you don't stand a chance. Your throbbing cock tells you yes, yes, I could be with her, this bratty beauty who's so way out of my league! But you never will! I just love being the ultimate spoiled princess who makes you surrender everything including your mind body and wallet to me! What are you waiting for? Call me so I can give you the CFNM humiliation you crave and deserve!

If you'd like to know more about CFNM and would like me to tease and torment you into complete ecstasy, you may reach me most afternoons and evenings. Please refer to My Schedule for more details or check my availability.