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Get to know Ms Harper before you call - Listen to Ms Harper's Mistress Interview

There is no greater symbol of the true relationship between you and I than to have you nude, kneeling before me, gazing upwards through your lashes at my magnificent body; my clothed body, sheathed and hidden from you in the finest of fashionable clothing.

This says so much about you: you enjoy feeling exposed, seen, and visible. You want me to be able to take one look at you and see everything there is to know about you. To be able to see who you really are, what you really want, and from that, divine truths hidden deep within you. You want to be seen.

And, the corollary to that, you don???t want to see all of me. You want the mystery, the seduction, the indefinable air of power and authority that defies inspection. You want me to be the powerful icon, your own sexual Goddess.

It???s lucky for you that so many of my own wants and needs dovetail so neatly with your own. I want you naked and humiliated, exposed in front of me. I want to have your worshipful gaze upon me. I want you to tremble before me.

Once you???ve properly abased yourself before me, I will arrange to further your experiences as a very visible naked male. You can serve at a party for my girlfriends and I (naked, of course), clean my house (nude) and even help me greet my out of town lovers when they come to visit. All naked. Exposed. And very, very visible.

I want to see you...