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Beware of rooms full of women being nice to you because the other shoe is about to drop! Those women are dressed fabulously to turn you on and stay clothed. I like to ply my subjects with good food and fine wine. Before you know it, you will be dancing naked on a table with a bunch of women chanting your name.

You think it's all in good fun, but something is off. You are the one with no clothes on. We love it when you get naked for us. How humiliating it is to be stared at and critiqued like a piece of meat. It does not matter to me if you get so self conscious that tears well up in your eyes. This can't be the first time you have been told what's between your legs is inadequate. If you are waiting for me to take it off too, forget it! That's why you're here.

Remember, you are the entertainment. After your chauvinistic remarks at the office, I have to teach you a lesson. If standing in front of a room full of women doesn't make you limp, I will be surprised. My mission is to cut you down to size, no pun intended.