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?Strip for me. That's right, take it off?.all of it. First that button up shirt. You may leave the tie on though. But next those socks and pants must go. I'll take the belt ?it might prove useful later? Next you need to spring free from the confines of those tight little boxer briefs. A bit breezy as you are exposed to me I gather. Feeling a bit vulnerable huh??

?I want to drink you in with my eyes. Objectify every hard angle, lean muscle, and delicate darkened shadow under your Adam?s apple to the ripe swell of your thighs. Come on now don't be so shy.?

?Lookin? good, albeit a bit nervous in your nudity and I bet it's a trifle cold, isn't it dear? I wouldn't know I have my latex cat-suit and thigh high-heeled boots to keep me warm. Now turn around! But do so slowly?.I want to soak in every little peak and valley of your terrain.?


?Stop that! You have nowhere to hide and I can tell by that sly glint in your eye you are just lapping up the attention. What a feast for these ravenous, hungry eyes.?

?Oh wow how bashful and earnest you look with those big doe eyes and no suit to shuffle behind. I bet you now feel the whisper of my words crackle in the raw air as it pricks up the tiny hairs on the back of your neck.? That's sure not going to be the only thing rising to greet me now is it?