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I like making you feel uncomfortable, in the most erotic of ways. Enjoying every delicious teasing moment. I am a naughty Woman. The more uncomfortable you are the more charged up I become! Pushing your sexy limits through role-play and fantasy sessions is a turn on for me. Getting to know you outside of those constraints is even better! Tell me about your desires, tell me how it makes you feel to be naked in front of a beautiful woman. Is this your fantasy, or did something happen where you were accidentally exposed which hard wired that stimulus to your sexual fantasies and desires? We can have a lot of fun in sessions learning about you, or doing those role-play and fantasies. But there's even more ways we can have some naked fun!

Are you ready for more? To bring that fantasy, or that desire, to the next level?

I offer naked play on Skype, where I watch you on cam. Did you just get a shiver, or a tingle? Perfect!

Are you brave enough to bare all on cam? Don't worry, discretion is my middle name. I'm here to have fun and explore! Not to mention you can always point the cam down. I don't need to see your face. It really is not what I'm after, is it? You know what I want and you want to give it to me!

Maybe a cam call is not in the cards for today. But that's okay. I have a certain charm, shall we say. A charm which helps a man realize what an erotic interested partner can help them achieve, explore, experience. We'll build that trust and see where I can lead you.

You have to agree, the CFNM scene is filled with delicious power play. That's what makes it so exciting. Makes you swoon. You are vulnerable and exposed. I'm beautifully dressed and in control. Will you be my party pet, and I invite my girlfriends over for a peek? Oh you know what happens when a few girls get together and have a few glasses of wine. What was that I heard you say? No Mercy? Perfect! I can play hard. Real Hard.

What is in store for you? You certainly couldn't imagine what a Woman like me could do with a man like you. Or could you? I'm into many types of CFNM scenes, from mild teasing up to and including mild or harsh humiliation. I look forward to connecting with you soon. In the meantime check out the links above, for more pictures of me. Don't neglect to check out my CFNM posts over at Intelligent Phone Fantasy.

Until We Chat