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Ahh again? What in the Hell do you think you are doing, wearing those slacks? And that abomination of a shirt and tie...and those shoes? Come here.

Now?Take off your pants...yes, you heard me correctly ...drop them down to the floor ..I can almost hear the buckle of your belt softly clink against the floor...

Now?the shirt must go too?button by button, you unfasten your nice, neatly pressed and ironed business collared shirt and tie?and those horrid shoes? Ha, I think we both know what I want you to do with those..?

Are we going to fuck? Oh no no my dear.

Turn around for Me, and take your damned hands off from in front of that filthy crotch...Oh, what is this ? You decided to go without your little rose pink panties today I see ..Well, well.

Come closer to Me, so I can tie your hands behind your back?now, come to me and we will put on that nice silver choke chain collar?yes , and now hand me the leash ..It's time to go for a lunchbreak walk! Good boy?or bad boy? We will find that out Very soon won't we ? I am not one to be fucked with , I know that you are just dying to be .... exposed...

Call me now and tell me what you are wearing so I can decide what to take off first.

As for where we are going to go ..? Anywhere that fits My mood. Perhaps the local bar that you meet with your work friends after a long hard day in the office? Hmmmm...or perhaps the cafeteria downstairs where we can visit with all of your lovely coworkers..or if I am feeling *especially* wicked ..the Meeting room , after all.. I have heard such wonderful things about your Boss!

Now..follow me out of the office ... It's time for lunch?