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When I stand before you, in my pin striped, dark navy power suite, I give you the impression that I'm taller then my already impressive svelte figure. My peircing blue eyes look right through you, making you even more uncomfortable, and I love how embarrassed you are.

You know that you have to get totally naked for me, and my girlfriends who are practically at the door right now. We will watch you and remark on every part of your body...

Do you feel vulnerable? Exposed? Humiliated? Morfitifed? GOOD. Then, we surely have a LOT of work to do. It's not enough that I see you as Your Mistress, and you know right away that I feel how inferior you appear to me. It is very clear that you must see yourself as well, through MY eyes, just as you are.

I might even make you take selfies of yourself, naked, on your knees, exposed, sometimes the cold room, your insignificat cock will be shrunk already.

I will command harsh lights as well, NO hiding in the shadows!

Take those selfies of your pathetic self. See how unflattering the image will be; See yourself as you truly are, not as you imagine you are, not as you think I see you, but through the unforgiving lens of a filter free camera lens.

I will command you now to get hard, and laugh at all your efforts... Somehow you will obey, from the depths of your humiliation and total exposure.

That will not be the end of our CFNM, I assure you. We have only just begun your exposure journey. I intend to change you for life.

No more hiding, no more lying to yourself and taking cover under well tailored clothes. Here, now, you and your many insufficiencies will be brought into the harshest light possible. The time has come, to face your True Self. So step forward, puny human, and expose yourself, body and soul, before me, Goddess Alina Sky.