Stripped Naked in Public


Every man has his insecurities. It’s quite common for these insecurities to manifest themselves in the form of a dream where he realizes, quite suddenly, in the midst of going about his daily duties, that he has no pants on. It is at this point, he typically wakes up and realizes it was a dream. What would happen if it weren’t really a dream? What would happen if you really were stripped naked in public?


Stripped Naked in Public: Am I dreaming?


You’re at work, grabbing a cup of coffee before settling in again to work on those blasted reports. They are due by the end of the day and it will be nothing short of a miracle if you actually meet the deadline. Lost in thought, you stand there for what feels like hours, before you finally attempt to snap out of it and get back to the grindstone.

It is at this point that you realize you aren’t in the break room at all. You are standing in the middle of the office area surrounded by your coworkers and they are laughing and pointing at you like they are trying to tell you something. You look down to see what they are pointing at and realize you are naked! Not only are you naked, but your coworkers are all women.

Wow! This is a different variation of the “usual” dream and a nice little twist, too. You’ve been having that dream a lot lately, the one where you discover you forgot to put your pants on. You’ve got to get a grip on yourself and quit letting work stress you out. “Okay,” you think. “It’s time to wake up now and get ready to head to the office.” You try to pull yourself awake and quickly realize that you already are awake. This is no dream; this is real!


Why am I so turned on?


At the very moment you realize what is happening, a range of emotions surge through your body. Shock, anger, embarrassment, humiliation, and- something else you can’t quite put your finger on. Excitement! You are excited alright! Your cock is throbbing as you look around the room and see the gorgeous, fully-clothed women staring right at you; though you barely have time to notice before they converge on you with a cock and ball harness, ball gag, and blindfold in hand.

Not only are these beautiful women still fully clothed, but they are blindfolding you so that you can’t even see them. Here you are, completely naked, vulnerable, and unable to talk or see. You can hear, though.

You hear them laughing at your predicament and your cock twitches. The movement does not go unnoticed and is rewarded with more laughter, causing your dick to throb even harder. “Why is this so damn exciting?” you think, as you feel yourself being shoved onto your back on top of the desk. You barely have time to think, “What are they going to do to me?” before you feel a firm hand wrap around your cock and start pumping.


Stripped Naked in Public: DO NOT CUM


Even though you stripped naked in public, you hear a voice say,”Do NOT cum!” just as you are about to explode. You try hard to hold it back, but don’t have to fight it for long, thanks to the hard slap to your balls. That blow not only killed the urge to cum, but it made you want more than anything in the world to make these women happy.

You whimper as much, but the ball gag prevents the sounds from escaping. Suddenly, the ball-gag and blindfold are removed and you find yourself looking up at several smiling faces.

“He’s ready,” you hear one of them say, before ordering you to your feet. You scramble to your feet, eager to please, only to be told to drop to your hands and knees, where you are collared and leashed. You feel yourself being led on the leash through the office and out into the atrium, crawling along behind on your hands and knees and naked, for all to see. The excitement is now almost more than you can bear.

Just as you feel yourself explode into orgasm, you hear the alarm clock, it’s shrill ring taunting you to get up and face the day.

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