In Your Fantasy, You Are Naked

In your Clothed Female Naked Male fantasies, you are naked - feeling vulnerable and wearing absolutely nothing but a hard on, and the look of submission. You are at the mercy of the woman that has put you in this position and she is a knock out - in which, makes you feel even more humiliated and submissive. You look up, and you can't believe your own eyes - your CFNM fantasy has come true .... What, though, would the CFNM Mistress of your dreams be wearing?

What Does Mistress Wear?

A whole bunch of outfits could be going through your mind about what your Mistress would be wearing. She could be a high power executive wearing a sexy, short business skirt and jacket donning expensive leather stiletto heels and she has called you into her office because you have been a very bad employee, and she is going to put you in your place with her high heel shoe.

Another idea flashes through your mind: she is wearing lingerie, red lingerie, garters and stockings and she is going to make you masturbate in front of her. The whole time, you never see her naked. Did you think you deserved to see her naked anyway?

Perhaps she's all decked out in leather: thigh high boots, corset, panties and she's carrying a whip in her hand - and you, in your naked glory, are tempting her in all your naked flesh to carry out a nice, long spanking.

Share Your Fantasy

What is your CFNM fantasy? And what would your Dominant Woman wear? Share your thoughts, ideas and fantasies with the ladies at - we'll wear anything you desire - as long as you show up in your birthday suit.

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