Why is Being Naked and Vulnerable Such a Turn-on?


I have always gotten turned on by being naked and vulnerable.  Until yesterday, I wasn’t sure if something was wrong with me or not. I’ve never known anybody like me. For some reason, I get super excited thinking about being naked in front of women.

The fact that I am stark naked and completely vulnerable in front of them, and at their mercy, while they are fully clothed and very much in control, makes my cock stand at attention!


CFNM and Erotic Humiliation


Erotic humiliation occurs when a person derives sexual pleasure from the powerful emotions experienced when being humiliated. Being completely naked in a woman’s presence, while she is fully clothed, is about as powerful an experience as I can imagine. The fact that she just expects me to drop everything and get naked, whenever she says, should be enough to make me angry.

But it doesn’t. It excites me: the fact that she keeps reminding me that she could do anything she wanted to me, to harm me, since I am completely naked and vulnerable. But she doesn’t. Just the fact that I know she could seems to be enough to drive me to the edge.

The fact that she is fully clothed, and doesn’t even give it a second thought as to whether or not I will see her naked, sends shivers down my spine. It scares me and excites me at the same time. This woman is truly in control, truly here to puppet me into doing whatever it takes for her to acquire the amusement she needs.

Just having told you how excited I get about being her little puppet- naked and vulnerable – while she is the puppet master, has gotten me overly excited! The humiliation of being naked in front of her and the fact that she will make me do anything she wants for her amusement is what keeps me going. She is happy to point out what a loser I am, which actually turns me on that much more!


Naked and Vulnerable: I Will Never be Worthy


She’s all too happy to point out that I will never be worthy of the attention she gives me, no matter what I do; I am lucky she has decided to even let me try to amuse her. Of course, this gets me even more excited. More than just being naked in front of her: hearing her laugh, knowing that she is genuinely laughing at me, at how pathetic I am, is quite a turn-on.

Knowing that she truly believes I am a loser and she minces no bones about it; knowing she is completely out of my league and that she’d never truly be interested in me for anything more than an amusing diversion, makes me want her all that much more. The more she laughs at me, the more she makes fun of me, and the meaner she is to me, the more I want her.

I suppose that’s all part of my deep need for humiliation. I guess if I thought she was attainable, if I thought she really liked me, and that there was a snowball’s chance in hell of us having a real relationship, it wouldn’t excite me in the least. Why would I want something I can readily have, after all? What’s the fun in that?

And that’s why being naked and vulnerable in front of her is such a turn-on!