Worshiping Naked on Cam


You may be wondering just how it is possible to serve your phone sex mistress when you are not physically in her presence. Lucky for you, we have just the answer for you! Worshiping naked on cam for her!

You can go on cam, naked, for your Mistress. She will watch you on cam while you talk to her on the phone, and she tells you exactly what she’d like to see you do for her entertainment.


Worshiping Naked on Cam: She sees you but you can’t see Her


It goes without saying that someone who enjoys the Clothed Female, Naked Male fetish (CFNM fetish) should absolutely enjoy performing naked, on cam, while his Mistress, whom he cannot see, watches him do humiliating, degrading, and downright amusing things, just to please and amuse her. Many people who don’t understand the CFNM fetish and how it works, would say that they feel it is only fair that if she is viewing them on cam, they should be able to view her, too.

What they don’t understand is that it is the entire crux of the Clothed Female, Naked Male fetish. The fact that he is naked, vulnerable, and powerless before her is the very thing that excites him. The fact that he is staring into a tiny little camera lens with no ability to see who is watching him on the other side, only adds to his excitement.



I’m naked before you now, but how do I worship you from afar?


It is a myth that a person actually has to physically touch a woman to worship her. Worship takes on many forms and is done from afar quite a bit easier than one might think. One way to worship her from afar is with your words and body language.

Close your eyes and tell her how much you adore her, how superior she is to you, and exactly what you would do to worship her in person, were you there with her. She will watch for your sincerity; watch your body language, and listen to the tone of your voice to determine whether you really mean what you say.


Show your adoration by volunteering to entertain her


Even though your sole purpose for serving is to worship, entertain, and please your mistress, you may earn brownie points for showing off for her, by perhaps throwing your legs up over your head to assume the cum eating position, or describing her long, lean, beautiful legs, and the things you would do to them, were you physically in her presence.

Even though you are entertaining her, even though you volunteered to show her that you would like to cum on your face and in your mouth for her, don’t take it for granted that she will give you brownie points, or even appreciate it at all.


Bring toys along to your cam call


You know your mistress loves it when you have toys for her to order you to use on yourself. It pleases your Mistress very much to see what a naked little slut you are. The more toys and other household items you can bring with you, the more chances of your mistress being pleased.

You are here for her entertainment and amusement, after all, so you might as well do it right. Bringing dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, hand or ankle cuffs, shoestrings, wooden spoons, and any other item that may be used in a masturbatory way will please your mistress immensely.


Are you ready to worship naked on cam for a CFNM Mistress? Give us a call, today!